How good water resource management leads to improved WASH services


An IRC Uganda / Watershed video set in Rwenzori Region.

In a bid to demonstrate the importance and applicability of integrating water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) with integrated water resources management (IWRM), IRC Uganda has produced a twelve-minute documentary, set in Rwenzori Region.

The documentary highlights key issues in IWRM and how they impact on WASH. It draws on the perceptions, experiences, lessons learned and challenges shared by different actors at village, sub-county and district level. Specifically, the experiences are collected from community members most affected by the WASH/IWRM issues: Ntoroko, Kamwenge and Kabarole districts. The WASH/IWRM case is built by juxtaposing communities that have suffered the effects of inadequate WASH services as a result of poor IWRM practices against those that have adopted good IWRM practices leading to improved WASH services.

The documentary appeals to actors to invest more resources in the better governance of IWRM and WASH. The key message is that WASH and IWRM are inseparably linked.

This is one of the outputs of Watershed, a five-year programme that aims to improve Water Sanitation and Hygiene Services through building CSO capacity in lobbying and advocacy to improve governance and management of water resources. In Uganda, the Watershed partnership includes IRC Uganda, Akvo, Wetlands International, SIMAVI, JESE, HEWASA, and UWASNET.

By Lydia MirembeĀ 

Communication and knowledge management advisor | IRC Uganda

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