Addressing faecal sludge BAMAKO (Video)


This video is addressing the faecal sludge management issue in Bamako district by giving the floor to all key actors to highlight their challenges and proposed solutions.

It calls for the Government to secure space in the city in order to build a faecal sludge treatment plant for better management

This video is meant for decision-makers, and as a citizen’s information-sharing effort.

The video was produced with the purpose to call upon the government of Mali to take action in securing space to build a faecal sludge treatment plant in the district of Bamako. Because until today, faecal sludge is being discharged straight into nature without any treatment, the wastewater finds its way into the Niger river basin

The change we want to see is a better management system of faecal sludge in Bamako district by building a treatment plant.