Watershed launched at Stockholm World Water Week


On 31 August 2016, a Watershed launch event took place at the Stockholm World Water Week (#watershed #WWWeek).

“We need to move the needle faster”, said Watershed programme director Catarina Fonseca (IRC) (right on photo). “We are not doing enough to reach universal access to clean water and decent sanitation by 2030. We should hold governments responsible for this slow progress.”

Stockholm - Watershed
Stockholm World Water Week 2016. Photo: Dutchwatersector.com


“If the metro fails or roads are blocked, there are complaints and stories in the media. But this is not the case when water services are not delivered in developing countries. Nobody complains.”

Nevertheless, the programme is not about blaming and shaming, she adds. “This could have an adverse effect as the specialists in the field might get the blame. It is our objective to help them by holding the politicians accountable.”

Read the full report on the Watershed launch event published on Dutchwatersector.com, September 1st, 2016.


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